The subject line is more a visual pun than a spoken one, so it’s okay if you don’t like it. *snerk* Anyway, I’m working on reestablishing a FaceBook presence — this time one that’s more easily searchable and more easily manageable.

I’m a tiny bit more familiar with FaceBook settings and marketing options and whatnot. I have NetworkedBlogs auto-publishing content, which should mean I have to spend less time actually looking for these things. Life is getting a bit more hectic, there are things to do, and time is running thin. So much to do, so much!

What’s the expression, “we make plans and God laughs?” I have to say I agree, but then I’m not being entirely fair. I tend to be running on a combination of fumes and contingencies, which is far and away different from actually having plans. I left my exploding shark repellent in my other utility belt.

Invitations are sent, though I still have some that need to be addressed and mailed. There are always stragglers. Cookiemonger and I are going apartment hunting on Wednesday. I need to rent a tux and buy some ties. I need to look into getting our pimpin’ hats, as well. *snerk*

So far the stress has remained at reasonably manageable levels and I think I’m doing pretty well. Please don’t mind me if I spout nonsense or repeat myself a lot. I just have to remind myself that balancing priorities is fun. I have experience with it.