Maybe I was naive, maybe I was … I don’t know. I’m terribly sorry for leading everyone on, I thought maybe by the time life events like this came around, I’d have my head on straight enough to … keep things straight. It hurts me to say this, but I’ll just be as straightforward as possible: Rumors of War is on hiatus until further notice. “To Catch A Goat” was already looking pretty iffy, but now…

It had been my hope to keep updating daily, regularly, as often as possible, for as long as possible. It’s just … I just … I have this mixture of regret and self-loathing and relief all at the same time. First, I hate myself for failing myself. I hate myself for failing any regular readers. Why make plans at all if I can’t stick to them?

Then there’s this idea that I’m entitled to a little break here and there, I’m sure I earned one. I was good for well over a year, I’ve earned a holiday, even in the middle of a chapter, in the middle of a story arc. Well, okay, that doesn’t sound as fair or deserved as moments ago, maybe it’s worse off than I thought.

Then, there’s this idea that not working on it means not being stressed about it, and not being stressed about it means I can come back to it later and it will be fine. I actually have a plan for how to handle this, and it isn’t … well. I mean, it isn’t perfect, but it’s really the same as the normal way of things for the comic’s story.

Time in Rumors of War moves forward with the seasons. What I’ll do is stop here, for now, and come back at the beginning of the next story arc. If and when I have time, I’ll come back and fill in the second half of this story arc, all the important information that’s been missed. Between the comic hiatus and the serial hiatus, though, I’ll try and post as often on the blog as possible.

Why blog when I could be working on the webcomic or the serial? Simply because they’re different kinds of writing. If writing uses muscles in the brain, then we’re talking about different muscle groups. I hope that makes sense. I want to continue blogging, at least, so it doesn’t seem to you like I’m not trying. Things are hectic.

My crazy awesome talents aren’t as crazy awesome as I had hoped.