Some of you may have noticed that Rumors of War hasn’t updated since Saturday (and it was late, then). “To Catch A Goat” hasn’t updated since last Thursday. I’ve been working behind the scenes to catch up on some things, but I think it’s time to admit that I’ve fallen behind.

I’m not talking about going on hiatus for either story. What I am going to talk about, though, is that I’ve actually fallen far enough behind that it’s noticeable, and it’ll be a couple days before I can get caught up. Unprecedented for Rumors of War, sadly not so for “To Catch A Goat” (and more frequent as of late).

Now, here are the facts: I have scripts for the comic through yesterday. They won’t take long to build. However, building them now would still leave me behind. I could continue writing tonight and try to have them done, but I’m exhausted out of my tiny mind, and they would be crap. What’s my solution?

I’m going to go at least one more day, maybe two or three, and finish the current chapter all at once. I’ll start the next chapter with some momentum and get right back on schedule. “To Catch A Goat” will have to languish a bit while I catch up on the comic, but I have to find the time to do it at some point.

This is forcing me to confront the very real issue that I will probably have to go on an actual hiatus next month. Like, “nothing updates at all” kind of hiatus. It’s a little scary to me, because I feel like I have such a tenuous presence on the Internet as it is, and I’m afraid leaving for a few weeks will mean I have to start over from scratch.

And I really don’t think I could endure that again. :(

I suppose this will give me the opportunity to really see how things work here. I was able to bounce back after posting a bunch of my lame poetry in April, maybe posting nothing for a month will encourage people to read the comic? (Rather than drive them away with awful poetry.) There’s over five hundred pages, don’cha know! *snerk*