I did some math a little bit ago, I was curious what the average weapon damage in Fourth Edition would be. Rather than finding the average damage of all weapons (because I really didn’t care to do that much research), I picked out blades from the Player’s Handbook, which likely have the most support, and had the most consideration for balance. It came out to about 4 damage.

Keeping along this train of thought, I found the average number of hit points across the character classes. It’s about 11 for controllers, 12 for leaders and strikers, and 15 for defenders. All in all, it came out that a given class adds about 12 hit points to a character. If you want the averages including ability scores, add 4 to damage and 12 to hit points. Characters have about 24 hit points and deal about 8 damage.

Yeah, that’s a bunch of rounding and abstraction, and it’s only 1st level, but I think it’s probably fair. What was I looking for, though? What do I need with the average damage and hit points of a character? I’m … not really sure. I mean, it wasn’t even a typical or fair method of determining average numbers. I kind of winged it to get numbers that would look helpful or familiar. So, what good are these numbers?

I don’t know. 12 (before Constitution, obviously) is the highest value of card you can normally sponsor in Norvendae. 4 isn’t as vulnerable as the 1, 2, or 3: the average value of a lot will be 7, which means a total of 11 on your first Intercession and 18 by your second, which will be enough to prevent your average Banishment (figure about 14-16 after lot) at the cost of staking 2 cards that wind up in your Exhaust.

The 4 can also be activated by about 70% of the cards in the deck. *ponders* I guess one thing I’m trying to figure out is how to replace the d20 with a deck of playing cards. I wonder how much of the game would have to be tweaked to accommodate such a concept? Would it make sense, and what would have to be changed to make it work?

Whatever this exercise may have been meant for, what it did do was help me to deciding “weapons as attachable cards” belonged in the lower values of a cycle of cards: 2, 4, and 6 are probably optimal. I’m wondering if I can adapt the “hit” mechanics of weapons in the Star Wars CCG to work in Norvendae? I want to avoid “damage” like the plague, but perhaps make use of basic hit/miss mechanics?

Ugh. Needs more thought.