Okay, I’ve finished writing up to today’s post.

I’ll admit that one of the reasons I was having difficulty with this scene at first was because I didn’t actually know how the characters would fight together at first. I made my notes such a long time ago, that I had to go back and really try to get back in the mindset I had when I originally statted up the characters.

Party roles aside, I was also trying to add another layer to the writing. When I wrote the vignettes for the cast of Rumors of War, they were all mostly fighting naked. There were little armor or weapons to speak of, and they weren’t supposed to be important anyway. (I really hate describing objects…)

This time around, I had some pretty clear pictures of the kinds of weapons each character was utilizing, even if they didn’t technically go into the description. Arturo has his shard of petrified wood that he focuses his spells through, Myrtle has a torch (as most servants of Hestia carry), and Alquis has his orb-crystal, crystal-orb thing.

I also gave myself a refresher of the characters’ personalities and motivations. When I’m writing off the top of my head, as I’ll readily admit I’ve been doing with “To Catch A Goat,” it was easy to slip into a neutral voice that I could write for anyone. When I go back to edit together and revise the story, I’ll pick a couple characters to be the voice of the entire story, rather than changing perspective constantly.