A cookie to whomever knows what that’s a quote from! (It’ll have to be a virtual cookie — or maybe a moral cookie — if you don’t like in SLC.)

Anyway, I’ve been watching the traffic and I think I may be able to make the “evening post” an optional one, which is good considering how tired and busy I’ve been as of late. You may have noticed that I’ve stopped posting my poetry as well … I have a feeling that was never particularly popular. It may well be that I don’t really need a morning post at all, beside the webcomic update.

I’ve been kind of wondering about how important the morning post is, anyway. I tend to have the least time to put into it, and it usually comes out as the lowest quality post, anyway. Not needing to worry about an extra post does save me a certain amount of stress and heartache, so I think I’ll just make it an “optional” post as well.

But you know what isn’t optional? (Or even negotiable?) It looks like the biggest draws are Rumors of War and “To Catch A Goat” — and I’m more than happy with that. I don’t think I’m much of a reviewer … or a reporter … so the idea that my fiction is a bigger draw than the other stuff, I’m really, really okay with that. I figure what I should do in the meantime is focus on the main stuff, then.