(dithering idium — I’ll post the next entry in “To Catch A Goat” later this afternoon. Until then, please enjoy this plug for Writing Excuses, which is fun and awesome, don’cha know!)

I listened to Episode 17 of Writing Excuses (I’m still on season one), titled “This Sucks And I’m A Horrible Writer,” which is exactly what it sounds like. I originally listened to this one last week and the entry was hijacked by my realization that I crossed the million-word threshold, and I had to celebrate that instead. This episode covers a lot of ground, some of it continued from the previous episode.

“Anybody can say you can’t write, don’t let anybody say you don’t.”
–Attributed to Ken Rand

I can’t think of a time recently when I’ve actually looked at my writing and called myself a terrible writer. I’ve had enough compliments about my writing that I know better than to think of myself as a terrible writer. Now, I’ve very recently come to the realization that some of my writing was terrible, and it didn’t take me very long to figure out how and why I’d reached that conclusion.

When I work on “To Catch A Goat,” I usually outline the next week’s worth of events and then write them as I go along. When the day rolls around, I decide whether to place the day’s writing before, during, or after the event I determined at the beginning of the week. More often than not, it’s before or after the event in question, when the characters are either heading toward or returning from the event.

I managed to write nearly an entire page before realizing I’d chosen the wrong time to set the writing — in this case, I set it during the event, when I honestly didn’t know how to describe what has happening, and in what order. I immediately scribbled out everything on the page and started writing the characters’ reactions to the event, which I had known all along. I felt much better afterward. *smiles*