I felt very validated by the episode of Writing Excuses, The Business of Writing because you had three published authors talking about a lot of professional writing practices I’d come up with on my own. Whether they’re right or wrong, or even talking to you, it’s always nice to hear someone say that the way you’ve invested energy in is “the way things ought to be done.”

I write all the time. Like, all the time. Seriously, all the time. I do different types of reading and writing, which admittedly isn’t as diverse as it could be, but I’m honing some specific skills and developing my writing in a very specific way. It’s a process. I think the guys talked about cultivating both creative and business sides of yourself and following the industry, catching up on current writings.

I listened to the next couple episodes as well, where they had a guest person (editor) and they all talked about submitting work to editors and publishers and such, and I picked up a couple of websites that I want to follow. What I think I need right now is a clone that can do half of this stuff while I’m busy scrambling to catch up with the rest of my life simultaneously. I need to understand current events in publishing.