I’m still trying to find my feet from the last week, week-and-a-half. I think I might’ve been adrift for a while, floating between a number of different abstract concepts, not really understanding what was going through my mind, not really sure of what was happening on the ground. There’s been a reshuffling of priorities in my head, like a Rubik’s Cube — and I’ve never solved one before.

Ugh. Late last night (after I should have gone to sleep), and again this morning, I’ve been trying to sort out my projects by priorities. Rumors of War always ends up on top, as well it should. “To Catch A Goat” is second on the list and as such, it should have been easier to organize the sub-projects that go into preparing it. I’ve taken a step or two to make sure it will be now.

Following those two is the novel I’m in the midst of planning. I’ve taken several steps so I can outline the novel in one go (over the course of a week or two), and once the outline is done, write the novel in one go (again, probably in about two weeks), using a combination of techniques I’ve been developing through my work on Rumors of War and “To Catch A Goat.” Y’know, ’cause my writing schedule has been erratic lately.

The blog falls somewhere behind all of that. It’s a daily responsibility, but I’ve been making slow, painful progress in letting go of the need to update four times a day. The last couple weeks have been very humbling in that regard, as I’ve been realizing my limitations and figuring out what I must have in order before I can blog. First comic — then serial. And the blog is going to fall below another layer of priorities soon.