Going by herself was a rash thing to do, but what other options did she have at this point? Myrtle peered into the room beyond the threshold. She thought she had found one of the buildings the cult of Pan was operating out of, but she wouldn’t know until she found some evidence she could use to convince others. Like the Order of the Gilded Flame.

She shuddered at the thought of her last interaction with the order, when she tried to bring charges of looting against Arturo. She was shut down and humiliated. It had been a month since the last time she approached the Flame, and she’d gone to lengths to avoid their patrols out of feelings of disgrace. She didn’t know if any of them would recognize her, but she wanted to make sure that when she went to them again, she had proof of the cult’s activities and whereabouts.

Come to think of it, she hadn’t seen one of the Gilded Flame patrols in some days. It had been quite easy for her to crisscross town several times without needing to duck into an alleyway to avoid a patrol. She decided not to question her good fortune.

The task was before her now, and she had no support for her actions or her cause, just her suspicions and her conviction. No matter who believed her, she knew she had Hestia’s support. She promised her god she would go no further than necessary to find evidence of the cult, that her continued ability to rebuild the temple and conduct her experiments was more important than any grudge, even the destruction of a temple. Patience is often an effective means of vengeance.

She took a breath and stepped across the threshold into the mouth of darkness.

The old building was an ideal place for a few squatters, perhaps, but Myrtle couldn’t see a few cultists of the god Pan hiding here, much less a cult with the resources to assault a temple of Hestia in daylight.

There was little in the way of furnishings and only a few rooms, and even moving slowly as to make as little noise as possible, she searched the entire building in a matter of minutes. There was nowhere for a hidden passage, no hollow walls or floors, and no signs of magic used to disguise them.

Defeated, she stepped out of the building, and just in time to catch sight of a woman matching Simona’s description entering a building across the way. Myrtle thanked Hestia for the strange luck, and followed the woman at a distance.