It’s a complicated story, so I’ll try to summarize it here: a Texas teen was raped by an athlete — who basically got away with it. Trying to move on with her life, she refused to cheer for the rapist at a game and was kicked off the cheer-leading team by the school that refused to punish said rapist. Her family took the school to court, the court threw out the case and placed the responsibility of paying the school’s legal fees ($45,000) on her family.

There’s a fundraiser to help her family out, called A friend of mine posted a link to the story on FaceBook, which is how I heard about it — a link to the Comics Alliance report that artist Jason Ho was taking commissions — specifically with the aim of donating money to help pay the legal fees.

I was asked (it was more of a general request to everyone) to spread the word. I’m not asking for anything specific here, just a moment of your time, maybe to read through some of what I’ve linked to, maybe leave a comment. Just think about it — take some time and think about what’s important to you. What issues you stand for, and what kinds of things you might think are acceptable. What’s really important to you?