Following on the heels of Spades is the Wands suit (see also: Clubs), which is more intellectual, more methodical, and more detached. Wands doesn’t seek to avoid physical confrontations as end the need for them. Eventually. Powers of Wands are dedicated to solidifying the present and building toward the future. The skills of Wands are Academics, Creation, and Cultures.

Wands works best with the suits of Swords and Coins, which are its neighbors. Wands values the ability both suits have for getting things done, though one may be blunt and the other may be circuitous. Wands admires Swords for its tenacity, its ability to stick to a plan through thick and thin, its endurance, and its sheer bloody-mindedness.

Coins works well with Wands because both suits appreciate premeditation, or in the case of the alternatives, any meditation at all. Coins often creates the environments that Wands works best within, and strives to minimize any disruption to Wands’ quiet study. Peace must be kept, as they are both well aware.

Cups presents and interesting conundrum to the suit of Wands. Both have ideals which they prize very highly, and they seek them sometimes to the exclusion of other needs, but where Wands is aloof and ultimately flexible, Cups is rigid and traditional by comparison, clinging to outmoded systems of belief that only serve to delay progress.

When Wands commits resources to a task, it’s putting on its thinking cap. It’s organizing a council to investigate the problem and identify the best solution in the most efficient manner possible. It’s building think-tanks to plan ahead and avoid running into the same problem in the foreseeable future.