Let’s talk about suits first. Swords (see also: Spades), for the purpose of the game, is a very physical, very direct, and very straightforward suit. Powers borne by the suit of Swords are about getting things done, getting them done right, and getting them done right now. The skills associated with the suit of Swords are Athletics, Discipline, and Initiative.

Swords is adjacent to, and harmonizes best with, the suits of Cups and Wands. Swords appreciates the ability of Wands to think ahead and find ways around situations where a sword isn’t always the best tool for the job — but then again, any problem can be solved with a sword, if you only know where it need be applied.

Cups works well with Swords because it’s very pragmatic. It doesn’t try to get in the way of Swords when something needs to be done, and both suits understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, and neither suit laments the consequences of choices made under duress.

While Swords understands the value of the actions taken by Coins — intimidation tactics and shows of force, tactical feints and withdrawals — Swords sees negotiation and deception as tools, and doesn’t understand using them for their own sake. Coins is too indirect and unpredictable to work well with all the time.

When Swords commits resources to a task, it’s mobilizing its forces to get out and fight. It’s declaring war and marching to meet its enemy head on. Time spent in the war room is brief, and time spent on the battlefield is maximized. Swords gets out and does what it does, when it can, and how it can — to the last man.