Rounding out the four suits is Diamonds (see also: Coins), which is the most worldly, the most cunning, the most manipulative, and simultaneously the most surreptitious and ostentatious of the four suits. Coins focuses primarily on taking what it can carry and covering its back, and the backs of its friends. The skills associated with the suit of Coins are Deception, Persuasion, and Theatrics.

Coins works best and shares methodology with the suits of Wands and Cups, and as with the other suits, has ideals in common with the suit opposite it, Swords, without sharing its methods. Coins digs Wands for its detachment and its ability to plan ahead. They’re both into strategy, but while Wands is open-minded and idealistic, Coins tends to fall into the trap of materialism and gets caught up in the whirlwind.

As with Cups, Coins enjoys the ability to work with others toward a common goal. Cups typically creates a community to serve a specific purpose, generally survival, but Coins creates a community because it can. It finds things for people to do and sets them to work, being the most ideally suited to motivating its friends and allies from a gainful perspective. Cups has Coins beat on altruism, though.

Coins appreciates and reflects the can-do attitude of Swords. Both go for the kill, but Coins prefers to lure its enemies into a trap and kill by proxy rather than get its hands dirty, which is the antithesis of Swords. Coins sees itself as having more style and finesse than Swords, but in reality, they merely have different styles.

When Coins commits resources, it’s digging into its coffers, trading favors, and making backroom deals. It isn’t bad, wrong, or immoral, it’s just business. When the war is over, Coins is there to pick up the pieces and help everyone settle back into life. Whatever the need of the people, Coins is there to find and fill that need, and fill its own needs as well. Everything has a price.