I figured it was about time I created a separate category and migrated some of the previous updates I made to clearly delineate what’s work on my game system and what isn’t. The “Seven States Cosmology” is just a working title for the game system I’m developing, since part of the idea was to build the game from the ground up around a specific cosmology.

Two of the magical concepts I’m struggling with are the concepts of instant transportation (teleportation) and time travel. Even if they never come up in the stories (and they will, actually…) I think it’s important to determine for myself how it is they work. Magical telecommunication already exists in the setting, and has been referenced indirectly a couple of times.

Teleportation, telecommunication, and time travel all present interesting problems when trying to create conflict in a story. If one of the conflicts of the story revolves around characters not being able to reach another place, teleporting around the obstacle makes it too easy. If they can’t send information, the ability to just send a “message” to another character breaks that conflict.

Because these kinds of things exist in other stories, it’s necessary to address them from a world building perspective, in case they are ever brought up. I grew up watching Star Wars and Back to the Future, so the ability to travel across the galaxy in the blink of an eye, or go back in time to fix problems is something that interests me. I can’t not address these kinds of questions.

So, I have some ideas for telecommunications. They haven’t been directly addressed yet, because I haven’t had the right characters together in a room to talk about them. Teleportation and time travel haven’t even been hinted at yet, though they will be, given enough time. I have ideas for both of them, so with any luck, by the time they come up, I’ll have adequate rules and explanations for both.