We have our headstrong go-getters in the suit of Spades, and our methodical thinky-types in Clubs, so it’s time to look at our emotional, intuitive types in Hearts (see also: Cups). Like Swords, Cups likes its confrontation to be up-close, but like Wands, it would rather not fight at all. Cups is about as sneaky as it can get without … well, its skills are Intuition, Perception, and Survival.

Swords works well with Cups because Cups gives it a context in which to resolve its conflicts. Cups appreciates Swords willingness to go all out for the cause, and provides it with real-time tactics to complement and supplement the long-term strategy of Wands. Cups brings experience, awareness, and a rich history and tradition to train the new generation of warriors and guardians.

Cups and Coins get along because they both believe that societal harmony requires breaking some eggs and cutting out the dead weight. Taking care of undesirable tasks comes so easily to Coins, which can distance itself enough from the task to get it done. They share a pragmatism that is otherwise hard to find. Keeping everyone happy sometimes means having fewer everyones.

Cups doesn’t want to admit that it has much in common with Wands, even though both run on a set of ideals. It just may be that Wands is a little more willing to admit to its amorality while Cups clings tightly to the concepts of doing things for “the greater good” and “because they have to be done.”

When Cups commits resources, it’s mobilizing the community, and bringing everyone together to work for a common good. It has high-minded ideals and it’s using its hard-won experience and adaptability to maximum advantage. Cups knows sometimes it has to cut corners. Safeguard the family first. Individuals come second.