“Vernal Combustion”
September 2005

I feel a ghost of your touch
On my lips and shoulders
I swear I hear you as you pass
I can’t wait to see you again
There’s no reason left to hide

It’s just a chain reaction
Built on the rising action
Of this growing attraction
Between you and me

You own me, completely
In your own way
And at the same time
I’m still just me
Don’t leave yet
I want you back
By my side

So, I was thinking, “spontaneous combustion” when I was writing this poem, and for some reason, the word “vernal” popped into my head. And I was like, “but that’s all weird and equinox-like.” So I looked up the word and found that it could simply mean “youth.” So you could take this poem to be literally about the “explosion of youth.”

Gai Sensai would be so proud.