October 2005

Sunlight broke through the morning clouds
And I sighed a knowing sigh
I know a big day’s ahead of me
And it’s getting to be that time

I’m not ready
To walk into life
Just yet
But I feel that I can do it
If I just knuckle down
When my life is on the line
And it comes right down
To it
I think I can maybe get along

I’ve seen quite a few things in my time
Though I’m honestly not that old
I’ve got a good imagination
And some quiet time to contemplate

This is a reflective piece, which isn’t complete. It’s missing a closing line or verse that brings it back to the first line. Looking back over lots of my older poetry, this seems to be a running theme: starting with a concept, taking it to the next level, and then leaving off without a conclusion. And it isn’t the good kind either.

You know, if I was really good at leaving thoughts with “open questions” at the end, then people would think about it long afterward and say “you know, it could have ended X or Y, I wonder the way it really went?” But I don’t quite make it that far. Instead, I go from point A to B, and then the poem stops. With no ending.

Then again, this was six years ago. *shrug*