“Start Go Ready”
October 2005

I come to realize
My lies won’t
Sustain me
Anymore than
Trying to float
Down the river
On a reed canoe
I don’t have the skill
I don’t have the
I don’t have the sense
Or common know-how
To get through this day
Without resorting
To tricks
I know
That help me
Avoid the truth

I can’t help being human
But where do I draw the line
So many things
Can be explained away
But nobody’s listening
No one cares and
Nobody’s listening

So get up, get over it
Get a move on
And get on with it
Let’s go, let’s go
I can’t wait for this to make sense
The time is now/ Any later is too late
And I have to go now

It’s down to
The wire
And I don’t have
An escape
So it’s time to
Knuckle down
Bend over and
Kiss myself goodbye
Then sit up
Stand up
Get up and go
And I’ll get through
This time and
I’ll get it right
And I won’t need
To fake it

You know, this poem is angsty, but it doesn’t need to be. I think I could rewrite it, excise the angst, and have a perfectly lovely poem about preparation and determination.