“Starry Smile”
October 2005

I see her smile
Her face lights up
With a million stars
She sits up and
Looks at me
And we just stay there
A while
I can’t find a reason
To ask for more
I can’t find within me
To question her
I can’t find a reason
Why I’d ever want
To leave her

I can barely keep
Myself away
When you’re with somebody else
What makes you think
I could ever
Willingly let you go
You can come and go
As you please
And I promise I’ll stay clean
But what confuses me
Is how you think
You’re somehow
Less than me

You smile at me
And my heart leaps
And I feel my chest swell with pride
Because I know that you
Are looking at me
And you mean it
With that glance
And then you carry on
As though your life
Depended on me
Like you needed my consent
Or something

I believe you
And I trust you
To make decisions on your own
I don’t expect you
To ask me
For everything you want to do
It’s your life
And I’m a part of it
But not the reason
For your being
So please forgive me
For letting you go
You’ve got to make it
On your own
I can’t help you
And so I’ve got
To let

How can you ever know what’s best for someone else?

You can only kind of know what’s best for yourself.