“Jorge, Jack and Jim”
September 2005

Wait, stop, don’t go, don’t speak
Your words mean a lot to me
I don’t know if I can hear you
Right now

/I’m not expecting anything
Wait for me to get ready
Don’t go without me/ Without me
I’m not ready
Not ready

I see your mouth moving, feel
/Your breath
/See your smile
But I don’t hear your meaning
I feel the vibrations of your
/Voice in the air and I think
/I should be able to hear you

But I’m not getting you
(Getting you)
I can’t break through

Don’t give up
Don’t go away
Wait for me
I’m not ready
Please wait
Please wait

The title has nothing to do with the poem, and that’s okay. The point is actually to create some dissonance, because the narrator of the poem is trying to get the attention of the subject, and any attention is all they want. Whether it’s because the words make it through, or something else, breaking through the shell of miscommunication is all that matters.

Okay, so maybe the title has a LITTLE to do with the poem. :P