“Higher Learning”
September 2005

Did you cry last night
When we had that fight
I still think about what you said
And every moment I feel dread
Because I know you were right

I’m alone on an island
Of my own design
In a sea of shame
For the rest of time

And I don’t doubt
That you feel the
Same as I do

And I don’t doubt
That you know as
Well as I do

That the only way to learn
Is to make mistakes
And I’ve got to say
This was the biggest one
That I’ve made to date

I screwed up, I admit it, and
I’m sorry
And I don’t expect you to
Forgive me

You don’t have to say anything
If you don’t say stay, then I’ll go
I’ll go, because I know I’m wrong

I made a couple tweaks to this to fix its phrasing and such. Looking at it now, this could probably be a seriously excellent poem. I just need to come back to it again in another six years and maybe finish it.