“Equal: Unequal”
October 2005

You can’t change people
They’re all about the same
Love and pain and
Passion and hate
We all bleed the same
We all feel the weight
Of our entire world upon us
We all bend throughout our lives
Until we finally break
We all break
In the end we all lie broken
In the end we all die broken

It’s not as bad as all that
I know what you’re thinking
Return to nothing
Is punishment
But how can you be
When you’re still whole?
You must be broken
You must be broken
So you can be remade
A greater whole

It might sound severe, but I think this poem is kind of sweet. Gives a different meaning to the idea of degeneration and deterioration and decay. It isn’t so much that things are being broken down just ’cause — it’s like anything else that builds up or gathers in one place. It’s about returning the stuff you came from, it’s about going home.

Of course, I still have a dark, twisted sense of humor. You can’t trust me.