I have a cool footnote/announcement to make. I’ve heard the guys on Writing Excuses mention this advice before, but I just kind of ignored it or chalked it up to an “eventuality” that would matter later.

“Everyone has a million words of crap they must write, before they can write anything worthwhile.”

It might not mean much to some writers, but this last time I heard the Writing Excuses guys mention it, I started to wonder…

I started writing by filling a notebook a month. Seventy pages (double-sided) with an average of three hundred words per page (rounded down) works out to be about forty-two thousand words per notebook. I started November 30th, 2009 and have been writing regularly for over two years. Given that I skipped a few months, or filled some notebooks in less than a month, let’s play it safe and say I have twenty-four.

140 pages x ~300 words/page = ~42,000 words/notebook

42,000 words x 24 notebooks = roughly 1,008,000 words

Forty-two thousand words times twenty-four notebooks comes out to a little over one million words. Now, that doesn’t take into account the wordcount of the comic (average maybe twenty words per panel, six panels per page, and almost five hundred pages), two NaNoWriMo novels (fifty thousand words apiece), and over nine hundred blog posts (with an average wordcount of maybe two hundred fifty words, minimum, adding over two hundred thousand more words).

journal: at least 800,000 words
comic: at least 50,000 words (Rumors of War)
novels: about 100,000 words (NaNoWriMo x2)
blogs: at least 200,000 words (Norvendae)

total: well over one million words

Because I have serious self-esteem issues, I’ve underestimated on all of these, and I’m probably well over one million words. And this has been writing since December 2008, so this all in about two and a half years. I may not be making money from my writing, and I may not have any publishing credits, or awards or anything, but I mean, wow. Just wow. I couldn’t ask for more.

Now, to write something worth publishing…