I was bad last night. Instead of writing another bonus page of “To Catch A Goat,” I played around with my cards, built a new deck, and nearly finished two others. I’m listing the “Gargoyle Control Deck” that I built based on the fact that I had a bunch of gargoyles collecting dust in my artifact box. I intended to build a theme deck around “To Catch A Goat,” but I set the gargoyles aside just in case.

I think it was probably while I was sorting my black instants and sorceries, looking for good cards to put in the TCAG deck, that I realized I had lots and lots of Disentomb, and then I thought about how fun it would be to use Bone Splinters and Skulltap. Then I looked at the gargoyles I had and realized something awesome.

Blue has great artifact support and Black has creature return. I stumbled across Mine Excavation, and I realized I had a winning combination in “pretty efficiently-priced flyers,” and “artifact/creature return.” I decided to throw in some of Blue’s award-winning bounce/control power (I took advantage of Stoic Rebuttal’s Counterspell pricing, considering I had so many artifacts).

Common: 52
Uncommon: 8
Rare: 0

Artifacts: 18 (14 gargoyles)
Sorceries: 21 (6 instants)

I like that this deck has so few uncommon cards, and no rares. I generally prefer to play with common and uncommon cards, simply because that seems to be where most of the game actually takes place. I like the creature-to-sorcery ratio (these days, I consider instants to be “sorceries with Flash”), the level of control, and the color balance. I’m pretty anxious to see how it holds up in actual play.

Gargoyle Control Deck

Lands (x21):
x7 Islands
x7 Plains
x7 Swamps

Colorless (x9):
x2 Lumengrid Gargoyle
x3 Gargoyle Sentinel
x4 Obelisk of Esper

White (x9):
x3 Darklit Gargoyle
x3 Mine Excavation
x3 Sanctum Gargoyle

Blue (x9):
x3 Disperse
x3 Distant Melody
x3 Stoic Rebuttal

Black (x9):
x3 Bone Splinters
x3 Disentomb
x3 Skulltap

Multicolored (x3):
x3 Tower Gargoyle

Huzzah for evasion creatures! (all 14 creatures have Flying)
Huzzah for material gain! (Skulltap + Distant Melody)
Huzzah for creature bounce/removal! (Disperse + Bone Splinters)
Huzzah for spell counter! (Stoic Rebuttal)
Huzzah for artifact/creature return! (Mine Excavation + Sanctum Gargoyle + Disentomb)

I was thinking, and I honestly won’t know until I’ve seen the deck in play, that I might actually drop Mine Excavation for some artifact/enchantment “hate” (Disenchant, if I’m feeling particularly uninspired), and since I have all those Obelisks of Esper, I might be able to swap out a couple lands (maybe 4) to put in something else, like maybe another couple artifacts. Things that do other stuff. *shrug*