Continuing the thought from yesterday, regarding magic systems and their rules, I wanted to talk a little bit about the magic in Rumors of War and how or why things work the way they do. Dungeons & Dragons plays a pretty large factor in how magic in the Rumors of War ‘verse works, particularly with regard to the current edition. More to the point, characters in the comic have “magic guns.”

Probably more evident in the vignettes than in the comic itself, this also carries over to the ongoing story, “To Catch A Goat,” where I’m trying to integrate a bit more of the comic’s talking heads with the vignettes’ more action-oriented stuff. Solving problems and overcoming obstacles tends to rely more on the characters’ ability to reason and communicate than beat each other up, though. It can be tough to balance the two.

One of the things I that I enjoy, is the comparison of the setting’s magic system to guns, the comic becomes a forensic drama with magic (in mythical Greece). Which I think is pretty cool anyway. The story also does things that I’d like to see in a forensic drama: the villain isn’t always captured, some cases take years to resolve (if ever).

Given the fact that the story takes place before the advent of modern forensic science (try millennia) or even a reliable justice system, the characters are lucky if they ever catch one of the bad guys. They might just have to go the vigilante route to deal with evildoers. Technically, you have to have a set of laws for there to even be criminals, or vigilantes for that matter. How does one know what to fight for?