I’m not sure what the title of this entry means, but I thought I’d put this out there: we’re almost halfway through what I have planned for “To Catch A Goat.” We’re actually a week from the middle of the story, but whatever, I can talk about it like it’s ending, ’cause it’ll be reaching an ending in the foreseeable future.

Once I finish “To Catch A Goat,” do you want to see more of these characters? Maybe you’ll want to wait a week before answering, in case something changes, but I’m going to pose this question a couple more times before then. I enjoy writing Nicyes, Mercer, Alquis, Arturo, and Esther, but do you enjoy reading about them?

I have some other writing projects I could move forward, but I’d like to hear from my readers. When I’m done with “To Catch A Goat,” would you like to see more from the same characters, or would you prefer a new crew? Would you like to see the cast of Rumors of War in prose? What interests you?

I won’t lie, I’m not looking to stray too far from the Rumors of War ‘Verse — but I can be flexible. If there’s a particular aspect of the world you’d like to see explored, or more of the politics, or maybe the monsters, … basically, if you have an opinion at all, I’d love to hear from you. You might not even need an opinion. If you have anything…