Effectively immediately, I will not discuss, with anyone, the contents of my blog without a transcript of said blog on hand for reference. Not because I want to, but because it’s the way it has to be. I realized that I’m rapidly approaching a thousand entries in this blog. I know what I wrote, but it’s far too easy for someone else to read something I’ve written and get the wrong impression.

If you see me, and want to talk about something you read in my blog, that’s cool. Don’t expect a serious conversation unless you have a copy of it with you or there’s easy access to the entry in question. I put tons of thought into each entry, and most of them are intended to be self-contained. Even the ongoing stories are intended to be self-contained. I know what I write, and how I write. And what I write about.

I do not, however, know every single detail about every single thing I have written. That’s one of the drawbacks of having a tremendous amount of writing, and having it viewable by anyone with access to the Internet. Don’t read my blog and then attack me in person unless you have my writing to back it up. That’s bull. I have some high standards for people, and I expect certain things from everyone:

Like not calling me names — because I don’t do it to you. Like not putting words in my mouth — because I don’t do it to you. I also won’t expect you to defend some action you’ve taken in the past that may or may not have any relevance at the current time. I mean, why? I don’t like to hold grudges, it’s a waste of energy. Still, I might not hop on board with you if I know you have a tendency to abandon ship.

Because there’s a difference between bearing a grudge and having an injury.