Some things don’t work out, and this contest I tried to run is one of those things. I didn’t have a single entry — I didn’t have a single person even respond to it. So, once I’ve had the opportunity to talk a little about it, I’ll tuck it away and forget about it. There’s no reason to dwell, there isn’t anything to dwell on.

So, what didn’t work? I don’t actually know, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with having no exposure whatsoever. I’m thinking that the people who read about it on my blog either didn’t care or didn’t have the confidence (or the time) to enter, and since I only brought it up a couple times after that, most people who might’ve entered simply missed it. Now, this raises an interesting question.

Just how far back do people read the blog? Is it a case where they only read what’s on the front page? I mean, I doubt anyone has read the entirety of the Norvendae blog, I’ve been writing since September, and even if I hadn’t written on the weekends, we’re already talking about well over seven hundred entries. That’s a lot.

I’ve been thinking about how to fill that morning entry, since I no longer have any time to write something new each morning — lately I’ve been posting old poetry, usually with a little comment at the bottom about what I think after reading it five years later — but I will need something else to go there at some point. I’d love to have more regular “column” type writing. But I also don’t want that to be the only thing I do.

Eh, I’ll figure something out. I usually do.