My review of the anime series Kampfer is now online at Inside AX! It’s my fourth article on the site, and I’d appreciate it if everyone shows their support by going over and ‘liking’ it or commenting! Yay!

I actually wrote a considerable amount about the show, but a lot of the material I deemed inappropriate for what I figure was supposed to be a ‘product review.’ I enjoyed the series — which might not be obvious from my review — but it fell short in a lot of the areas where it was marketed, hence my critical stance of the show.

I’m working on a query for a follow-up article, sort of an editorial, I suppose, which covers the things that I enjoyed about the series that made it worth it to me. I’ll keep you updated on where that goes, it’d be cool to could get a couple of articles on characters and storytelling, but it probably depends on if it’s deemed ‘relevant.’

There are a couple of things that I know I value anime for over Western shows, especially animation. I prefer the long-form storytelling of anime, and how many more genres are touched on, from Science Fiction to Horror and Fantasy, instead of being limited to things like Reality TV, Police Procedurals, and Situation Comedies, which seem to dominate American television in droves.

The medium has its faults, like any other, but it’s different. And it has a lot of things that I look for, which are distinctly lacking from American television.