So, today I posted part 5 of “Our Powers Combined,” the last of character vignettes I decided to write for the main cast of Rumors of War. I can still feel this desire to write, I don’t really want it to be over. I want to keep writing, but I want to keep it short. I enjoyed working on the vignettes, maybe even more than my work on the earlier short stories (I had some kinks to work out at the same time), and I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do now.

I could start over again from the beginning, go over each character’s powers again, but put them in different circumstances. But I’m afraid I’d get bored with that. I could try to focus on “choreographing” full battles using semi-random assortments of characters — that could be a fun exercise to see how the characters would work together. *shrug* I could run the characters through a hypothetical adventure death-course.

I’ve also been thinking that I might do a set of vignettes for one of the other groups of characters that hasn’t been seen since the first story arc — I’m sure those characters are a little sad and neglected — and I have been working on developing them a bit, in case I wanted to do exactly this. *shrug* But I’m not sure what to do next. I’ll probably still do something in-Verse, and it shan’t be too lengthy.

Hestia’s Breath
Burrowing Sparks
Voice of Justice

Asp’s Lash
Serpent’s Grasp
Fingers of Tartarus


Shielding Spirit
Guiding Spirit
Spirit’s Threat

Spectral Din
Spectral Burden
Spectral Shield

Our Powers Combined, Part 1 (Elysia)
Our Powers Combined, Part 2 (Illyra)
Our Powers Combined, Part 3 (Nenshe)
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Our Powers Combined, Part 5 (Aleska)