My writing project for the rest of the month is going to be a prose adaptation of a story I originally wanted to render in comic form — the adventures of Alquis, Arturo, Esther, Mercer, and Nicyes — one of the groups the cast of Rumors of War met in the beginning, who they’re technically working alongside (albeit in different locations).

I’ve come up with a week’s worth of prompts, but I think the biggest obstacle I’m going to face is the characters working together like a team that’s been together for over a year. If this works out, I’ll see about extending it a bit, then maybe doing some proper character vignettes to showcase their powers, not unlike the series I just finished with.

Part of the goal here is to expand on a second location in the same world, to give you all something else to read in the Rumors of War ‘verse, and to maybe broaden my view of the world itself. There are other places, other plots going on — some of them related to one another, some wholly unique. At some point, it would be fun to have some crossover between the two, though I don’t know how It’d work out just yet.

Still, new project, pretty excited. Let’s see where it goes!