Yesterday I wrapped up my most recent notebook — in addition to my writing on the comic and blog, I keep notebooks and regularly write by hand. Handwriting and typing engage different “creative muscle groups” and both are valuable to me as a writer (which is why I use both). When I finish a notebook, I add up the days it took to finish, and calculate my daily average word count.

Ideally, I finish a notebook in four weeks, which works out to be about 1,500 words a day by hand. The last several months I’ve been working back up to that goal, and this latest one was right on the mark. I’m proud of myself, I’ll have to find a cookie and give it to myself for a job well done. The thought I left off on, before closing the notebook and calculating the word count, was about game design.

I’m excited by yesterday’s development — an idea I’ll elaborate on this evening, which pertains to deck construction, and the general usefulness of a player’s deck in the context of the game they’re playing. In designing this game, I may have actually designed another game by accident. I still have to work out the particulars, but it has me pretty excited. Moving right along…

I realized this morning that in my notebook writing, I shouldn’t try to prolong a given thought to more than the number of lines it actually gives me. I just get stressed and try to fill lines, and it bogs down my creative process. Instead, when I just let the idea run out, I move onto the next thought. It’s interesting, sort of organic. *shrug*