I am so freaking tired. This weekend, I’m going to kick back and try to forget about time actually passing. I mean, using the weekend to take a break from the week. That is, as soon as I’ve finished my next article for Inside AX. I’m throwing around ideas, though generally, it’s a product review. It’s an an anime adaptation of a visual novel, and that’s given me something to think about.

Lots of things these days are adaptations. And adaptations or updates of other adaptations. I don’t think things now are any more derivative than they’ve always been — I don’t allow myself the illusion that things now are any “worse” or even “different” than they ever were before. Only that they’ve shifted focus. It’s important to me to cultivate a positive image of things because it helps me focus on my work.

I watched O’Reilly get destroyed on his own show by Jon Stewart, which is always satisfying. I wanted to catch up on this week’s The Daily Show, but my browser didn’t want to stream the episodes. I heard about the high school girl who wants to challenge the congresswoman to an open forum debate — that sounds pretty sweet.

(Amy Myers v. Michele Bachmann).
I smell a new reality TV show, “Are You Savvier Than A High School Student?”