Going to be a bit rushed this weekend, I think. I want to try to get as much writing done as possible (especially getting the next days of “To Catch A Goat” on Saturday and Sunday) but there’s a building to be painted tomorrow morning, and a wedding registry. Cookiemonger and I were going to go apartment-hunting, but that’s been vetoed in favor of creating another registry.

I think more than half of our Saturday D&D group had other plans for this weekend, so we won’t be meeting again until the following weekend, but I’m at peace with that. Funny, as a player, I’m upset each and every time I miss a game night, but as game master, I have no problem chilling and taking off a weekend every once and a while. I’ve a wedding coming up, I suppose it’s justified. *shrug*

I have a twelve-episode anime series I need to squeeze into this weekend. I’ve already watched the first episode, which means I’ve only the other eleven, and from what I’ve seen so far, I have hope for it. *smiles* I’ll be reviewing it for Inside AX when I’m done, which means this weekend will consist of strenuous physical activity (painting and registering) and rigorous mental activity (writing and reviewing).

I really have my work cut out for me!