Just finished booking the cruise for the honeymoon. Cookiemonger and I are going on an Alaskan cruise after spending a couple days in Seattle for kicks. The wedding is in August and the cruise starts the following weekend, giving us a few days after the wedding to sort and settle things (and spend time with out-of-town family) before embarking on our trip and being lost to the world for a bit.

I don’t talk about my life much at work, I think the most anyone hears about what’s going on with me is when I request time off — and that’s how people at the office started to find out I was getting married. Or that I was seeing someone. Or that I’d met someone. I think I’m still technically the youngest person at the office, and apart from the congratulations, I get people telling me how they feel old. *rolls eyes*

I was thinking about it today, though — this whole “embarking on life” thing. There’re going to be changes all around, and I’m curious. Sometimes, I feel like I’m looking through this porthole at a life that exists on the other side. There’s a timed lock on the door, and until it reaches 0:00:00, all I have is what I know to compare to what’s on the other side. The feeling is familiar somehow. Must be a glitch in the Matrix.