So, cookiemonger and I went over to the house where we’re planning to have out wedding ceremony and reception. I thought (we’d been led to believe) that we’d be painting a building, though it turned out we were actually painting the wooden fence that goes around the front of the property — and a good portion of the time we were working on it, we were actually scraping off paint, instead.

Not a big deal, of course, it just wasn’t what we expected. We brought old clothes under the pretense that we’d potentially getting covered in paint. It turned out that having the old clothes was a good idea — scraping the old paint off was pretty messy, but the paint went on so quickly once we’d scraped and sanded down the fence that it didn’t seem like such a big deal.

I probably didn’t need to spend nearly as long looking for a shirt I didn’t mind potentially ruining — I think I got more paint chips in my hair then on my clothing. We quit when it started to rain, and cookiemonger and I created a wedding registry over at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Once we finished at the store (we’d gotten quite silly with exhaustion by the time we were done), we walked over and we ate at Chili’s.

And I got barbeque sauce on my shirt to make up for the lack of paint stains. I realized (too late) that there was sauce on the edge of the plate closest to me when the waiter place it in front of me, so when I leaned forward … oh well, the point of wearing an old shirt was so it didn’t matter what happened, right?