It had taken nearly a week, but Arturo finally had what he was looking for — a copy of the ledger of items recovered from the island. He hadn’t found Myrtle when he approached her study in the temple, but it was just as well. He’d been able to bully one of her scribes into providing the ledger, which he copied onto a second scroll with a handy mystery he carried around with him for just such occasions.

Thankfully, the contents were reasonably limited, such that it did not take long for the mystery to duplicate the writing in the ledger. He ducked out of the temple again without encountering Myrtle.

Standing outside the temple now, he paused when he considered the ledger might contain all the information he needed to determine how the horrors appeared on the island. Whomever recovered the items could well be the conjurer, or at the very least be connected to them. Curiosity overwhelmed him — he unfurled the scroll.

Someone brushed past him in a hurry, but he paid them little mind. Trying to read Myrtle’s scrawl wouldn’t have been so difficult, if it weren’t so tiny. He squinted at the text, and failed to notice the shouts coming from within the temple behind him.

Myrtle’s list of “concerned citizens” was surprisingly short. Though there were numerous items on the list, most were recovered by only a handful of individuals, and most were found by one of two individuals. While Myrtle and her acolytes found a significant portion, most were found by a priest of Hermes Mercer had spoken of, and the rest by a woman, Simona, whose name he didn’t recognize.

Someone bumped into Arturo, moving fast enough to startle him from his reverie. He looked up, confused, to see priests and acolytes hurrying in and out of the temple in mute panic. He wondered what could have them hustling so, when he caught scent of a strange, smoky smell.

His suspicions were confirmed a moment later when he heard a chorus of people shout “fire!” The call echoed around the neighborhood, and the panic began in earnest. He could hear people screaming and yelling, and everyone who had previously been hurrying started to run.

Arturo hesitated for a moment, as he watched the orderly chaos of the temple’s servants evacuating items from recesses of the temple. He tucked his copy of the ledger in with his other belongings, and rushed back into the burning temple.