So, the first part of the new “To Catch A Goat” story went online, now I feel like I should explain how my crazy random scheme is going to work. I have this idea to tell a story, one day at a time, with events that build and unfold. In theory, every day introduces a few things, perhaps builds on something from the day before, and will generally advance the storyline from at least one character’s perspective.

I’ll freely admit that a lot of these bits of fiction will end in cliffhangers. Part of it’s intentional, because I want you (and all your friends, and everyone you know, muahahaha) to come back every day and read the next part, and it’s partly because I just don’t have time to explain everything that’s going on in 300-500 words, and I’m not going to. Some things will be explained, and some things will be left hanging.

I’m going to cycle through the cast in a predictable fashion. It’s alphabetical because I’m kind of lazy, but “first character” will vary from week to week. The story takes place more than a year after we last saw the characters and I may or may not go into detail about what happened. They had a mission, which they’ve (probably) completed, and they’re still working for the Order of Orion. Beyond that … remains to be seen.