I was up late last night working on the new chapter of Rumors of War. Huzzah for continuing to update regularly, not-quite-so-huzzah for staying up late and getting only about four hours of sleep. I’ve been in and out of it all day, it took me another couple hours to finish today’s “To Catch A Goat” entry, but I remembered to go get my passport photo taken during lunch, so good on me.

I’ve read bits and pieces about this roguelike called Dungeon Crawl which has my attention piqued. From what I’ve read, Dungeon Crawl is more forgiving than your typical roguelike, not because it’s any less deadly — except maybe it is — but only in that the game doesn’t specifically try to screw you over with spells and monsters that insta-gib you without warning — mostly.

If that doesn’t sound downright sunny, it’s because you haven’t played a roguelike before. They’re among some of the meanest games you’ll ever play, usually forcing characters to eat, drink, and sleep regularly to sustain their health in the dungeons, and with ridiculously brutal and unforgiving traps and monsters, not to mention cursed items. Everything the worst game master you’ve ever had can doand worse.