My third article for Inside AX went online Wednesday, and they even went with the title I suggested!

“Steins;Gate Makes Mad Science More Awesome”

I’ll admit, I struggled with this one a bit. I watched the first few episodes, and I really liked it, but I wasn’t sure what to compare it to, I just had this vague Calvin & Hobbes imagery bounding around in my head. I think the first paragraph I wrote was the comparison — “It’s as if Calvin ran away to Japan and dropped out of college to harass guest lecturers at the local radio station.”

The original sentence was far more complicated than that, and I’m still not wholly satisfied with the end result, but I did go through six or seven drafts (that I saved backups of, at least) before I figured I had to turn in what I had — I’m actually really surprised it made it through editing without any significant changes.

I remember a quote that I’m too lazy to source at the moment, which is along the lines of “no piece of writing is ever truly complete, it is only abandoned,” it may have been referencing art, actually. Either way, this article felt like something I was abandoning, far more than finishing. I think it could use another four or five drafts, but it’s a bit late for that now, innit? Ah well.