We’re coming to the end of the fifth story arc of Rumors of War, and I’m working on “To Catch A Goat” to serve as a parallel. One of the thoughts that’s gone through my mind is how to have them coincide — which events happen “in world” and affect both stories, in a ripple-effect sort of way. The two stories currently have little overlap, but to keep things straightforward (and relevant) I ought to have the two share some things, right?

So, that’s where this thought came from — I began TCAG rather spontaneously, with little planning beyond, well — there were some plans I made initially about a year ago that never came to fruition … I’d originally intended the TCAG cast to be at the center of the spin-off Gaia’s Revenge. I’ve decided to push that story back a year or two, probably starting in the Spring of 2013. Of course, that’s assuming I haven’t started another huge project by that point, pushing it back farther.

Eh, I’m not worried. All in good time, and all that. I thought, “stagger RoW and TCAG so that their story cycles don’t begin and end at the same time, it’ll be better for site traffic.” The thought continued on something about making sure that we’re always in the middle of something here, so anyone who comes in at random can find something at the beginning, middle, or end of a story, depending on their preference.

Then again, I’m freakin’ insane. I’m over here writing until my hands bleed. *shrug*