I had this weird, somewhat evil thought, which is along a line of thinking I had before: in order to proliferate readers, I thought I’d write some cheesy fan fiction for Rumors of War. It’s a terrible, horrible idea (I think, anyway), but who says I can’t write fan fiction of my own characters and story? If nothing else, it would give me the opportunity to write ridiculous stuff that has no place in the comic.

I took a look at Fan Fiction Dot Net this afternoon, for the first time in a few months, because I was curious what sort of things they were interested in, and what sort of things were allowed on the site. You know, like submission guidelines. Then I remembered that they don’t pay and they don’t really check the submissions before they go online — that would require manpower they probably can’t afford.

It’s also totally different from, you know, “real” publishing that scrutinizes and advertizes and stuff. I was thinking it’d be fun to do some crossovers with Arkham Horror, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: the Gathering (maybe Guild Wars, too?) and just butcher my own setting here and back again for the sake of attracting more readers. It’ll be fun, and I’ll absolutely link to any weird stuff I write!