I was thinking about what I could do to fill the morning post when I run out of my old poetry, and I’ve come up with a couple ideas. The first was to fish around in my archives, revise and repost old stuff (in most cases obsessively rewriting because that’s the only way I’d let myself get away with something like that), and then I had a new idea this afternoon.

I thought I’d do a little reading on the ins and outs of Public Domain work, and then post 200-500 word sections of works that are in the public domain — with a focus on books that I actually intend to read, or that appear on one of those lists of “Exty Great Books You’ve Probably Never Read, You Uncultured Clod.” In particular, I’ve been meaning to pick up The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for several months now.

I read my own blog, though. I was thinking along the lines of an inverted National Novel Writing Month — if I were to read a certain amount of a novel, portioned out over a month, I could actually get a few books out of the way that I feel intimidated by reading in one go, or just haven’t made the time to read.

As I said, I’ll need to do a little research, but what I’ve seen so far is encouraging, and I’m looking forward to implementing this idea. Mostly, ’cause I want to catch up on reading, and doing a little bit at a time feels like the most effective way of making sure it gets done. You know, eventually.