When I refer to “ongoing work on the game,” there’s really only one game I’m talking about — the game I’ve been designing off and on for the last five years. Whether trying to figure out skills, abilities, crafts, talents, powers, gear, classes, and miscellany related to the setting, I’m always kind of working on the game, even when I’m working on other projects.

I created a website/wiki back in 2007 to track my progress on designing the game, and I had regular project cycles going strong for almost two full years before I let things fall behind — right around the time I found out my game would no longer be supported or allowed at Anime Expo, I think. Either way, since then my design cycles have slowed down, and I’ve made large changes to the basic infrastructure of the game.

I hoped I’d have the game finished by 2010, but that was with faster development cycles — dependent on the input and support of friends — Since most of those support structures fell away, my development time lagged and that last year of development time took longer and longer, and I decided to put the game aspect on hold until I’d developed a setting for it, which I’ve been doing with Rumors of War.

I have tentative plans to resume work on the game … but I have no idea when I’ll begin. It’s largely dependent on what projects I have going, whether my life and work allow for it, and how much I still have invested in it. Considering I’ve been working on the project off and on for five years at this point, I hope I finish it, one day…