Despite myself, I’m having lots of fun working on “To Catch A Goat.” (I even know what the title means already! It has a funny double meaning that will never come out in the story itself.) I feel like there’s something wrong with writing, writing, writing as I’m doing. Sure, I could say it’s all part of this month’s challenge to write a short story every day — which I guess technically it might be. But I feel like there’s something I’m missing.

Like, I’m expected somewhere, and I’m supposed to be doing something, but I’ve forgotten, and I need someone to remind me what I’m on about. Yeah, I’m working on Rumors of War just fine, and that’s going swimmingly as well. Perhaps I’m just experiencing a natural high, I’m doing writing that I really want to be doing, and I’m enjoying myself. There’s this feeling that I’m having fun at someone’s expense.

I’m sure it will come up in the next few days, the weekends have a way of humbling me to an unfair degree. No doubt, whatever I’m forgetting will rear its head and I’ll be left wondering how I ever forgot. Or maybe I’ll just coast through the weekend like nothing’s wrong. I might just be of the mind that “I don’t get to have pretty things,” and there might not be anything more to it. *shrug*