“You’re So Insubstantial”
August 2005

You don’t bring anything new to this
I’m not surprised by anything you say
I can’t find any reason to keep this up
You’re full of it, there’s nothing left to it
Don’t be surprised to find out you’re left behind

You can’t teach me anything new
I’m so done with you
I need some new inspiration
You’re just too desperate /Too derivative
There’s no substance to you
I could walk right through
Like you’re not even there

You are broken, forgotten, lost to your old ways
I can’t help you, I can’t find your company
/Anything but tedious
There’s nothing to you
You’re insubstantial
You’re not worth it /I won’t let you bring me down

Certainly nothing you want to hear someone say about you. I don’t remember if this was actually directed at someone, or just another captured idea. A lot of my poems from this time (and a lot of my poetry in general) is made of snatches of emotion — which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before.

Once they’re gone, the poem remains, but the emotion has moved on. If I have a particularly strong emotions — usually anger — I can sometimes write a half dozen or more poems building on the same theme before I exhaust the concept and find something else to write about. I think the most I’ve gotten recently is eight poems off one seriously pissed-off morning. *snerk*