“Your Face on the Water”
August 2005

The emptiness I find in myself
Isn’t here when you’re around
I went for a walk down by the park
And watched the hours go by

So many things to see on a busy day
Some people to see, some places to stay
I know by your face that you’ve come to see me
I don’t know what you mean by “it’s okay”

I left the house all by myself
And went to the place where we used to meet
Climbed the trees we climbed
And the setting sun marked the end of the day

It was when I heard the creek
I thought of your smile, so peaceful
Your touch, so gentle; your voice, so lovely
I looked into the water and saw you looking back

Then bright flashing lights, my lungs on fire
I think I see grandma–she’s sad
Then I wake up right here, you’re by my side
You’ve come to see me, but I’ll never know

You’re sad too

In the description for this, I referenced “Defaulted On Soul,” another poem of mine, but it doesn’t appear to be in the gallery. This poem has a death theme. The narrator might be an Ophelia — she tries to drown herself. Not entirely sure.