“When the Moon Hits (Lunacy)”
August 2005

The moon shone in my window
As I lay down to sleep
I had no idea
My thoughts would go so deep

I can’t see how the moonlight
Brings out in you, such luminance
But I will always think of you
With a fond remembrance

In years bygone, I’m sure to look back
On these youthful days of yore
And I just can’t help but feel
I’d still just want you more

Your heat by my side
Your breath on my cheek
I can’t believe, with how I’m so brave
And with you I can feel so weak

I want to profess my undying love
I think it’s overrated
Some people just have all the luck
And I get so irritated

Undying love, I must admit
Might not be that far off
I certainly have got feelings for you
That I can’t simply brush off

I grew up and out, trapped in one place
Nowhere to go but skyward
I feel for you as I feel for me
In ways I can’t describe

I want you here, always, by my side
I can’t deny I don’t know what’s to come
My wisdom has the habit
When you’re near, of “getting gone”

But I can promise you
What we’ve got is here to stay
If not for a long, long while
Then at least another day

There’s a lot of rhyme in this, which is unusual for my poetry. (Near as I can tell.) There are a couple lines that stick out, though, and I think I should probably tweak them. I had to make a few spelling corrections here — not sure how they got by me the first time, I imagine I probably typed faster than the spellchecker read.