(Originally titled “Broken Relationship”)
September 2005

Nothing lasts forever
I don’t expect you to
I haven’t got all day

I modified this slightly from its original version. I originally created a poem that followed the more subtle rules of haiku (like making everything about feeling and in the present tense) but I made the lines 6-8-6 syllables instead of the standard 5-7-5.

This morning, when I went to upload it, I decided I really didn’t like the middle line, so I changed it (about 30 seconds) and then spent the next 5-8 minutes trying to come up with a new title because the old one didn’t fit the new feeling.

The poem is now 3 lines of 6 syllables each. I think I prefer it this way. *shrug*

edit: HOLY CRAP. Reading this poem, with its modifications, suddenly it sounds horrifying to me. I’m imagine someone standing around a hospital, waiting for someone to die so they can move on. It’s an incredibly callous feeling, and it’s deliciously abominable. Exhausted out of my mind, I make one little tweak…